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Whether you're the beneficiary of a trust, are serving as a trustee, or simply want to create one as part of your estate plan, the legal team at can help. We provide clear answers and explanations, sound guidance on "all things trusts" and the effective legal assistance required to protect your interests as a beneficiary or carry out your legal duties as a trustee with confidence.

We draft trust documents, make certain those trusts are properly funded and assist clients in managing both revocable and irrevocable trusts. We also counsel trustees and successor trustees on matters ranging from the essential (basic duties) to the extraordinary (asking a court to amend the terms of a trust or probate litigation). We are confident that we can meet your needs as well.

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Pensacola Trust Administration Attorneys

Florida has complex statutes that pertain to trusts, trust administration and trustee responsibilities. Understanding the trustee's role and his or her basic legal duties is imperative for anyone who is acting as a trustee. These responsibilities include the primary duty to administer the trust in accordance with the trust's terms and purpose, as well as many others, including:

  • Duties of loyalty and impartiality to all of the trust's beneficiaries
  • A duty to collect, protect and control trust assets
  • A duty to administer the trust prudently
  • A duty to invest and manage trust investment assets as a prudent investor would
  • A duty to make distributions to beneficiaries as required by the trust's terms
  • A duty to keep beneficiaries reasonably informed of the trust and its administration, and to provide beneficiaries with annual accountings
  • A duty to employ attorneys, accountants, tax advisers, investment advisers or other professionals who possess special skills that the trustee lacks
  • A duty to file and pay taxes

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