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Important follow-up after drafting an estate plan

When people in Florida complete their initial estate planning documents, they may think that they've already taken care of everything they need to do to ensure their assets are properly directed. However, some key follow-up steps can help to ensure that the estate plan will work as directed.

Charitable donations build legacy and deliver tax advantages

Multiple factors could motivate a Florida resident to include charitable donations in their estate plans. In addition to offering substantial tax savings, giving can support social progress. An estate owner might even create a philanthropic plan that forms a legacy across generations. To achieve the desired outcome, one needs to consider both their personal goals and the missions and capabilities of the recipients.

Who is the best successor for your business?

Owning and running a business is no small feat. Chances are your business is your life so you might not want to think about the day you retire and have to leave your business in someone else’s hands. However, business succession planning is an important part of running a business and it requires a lot of thought. Having a solid business succession plan can help your business thrive and succeed in the future.

Estate planning with a timeshare

Florida is a popular area for timeshare resorts. A timeshare is a piece of property where the owners can vacation for a set period of time during the year in exchange for annual fees. Since the ownership can last in perpetuity, many owners want to make sure that their heirs are not stuck paying the fees for unwanted timeshares.

Drafting proper wills

Florida residents should make sure that the estate plan they have in place is properly prepared. This entails including a will that is properly drafted with all of the information needed to satisfy any questions or concerns family members may have.

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