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What happens when a will is contested

A person in Florida who is not included in the will of a close relative might decide to contest the will. Being cut out of a will is not unusual; it may happen because a new spouse inherits all the assets or for some other reason, but the first step is often to discuss the situation with an attorney.

Life events can call for estate plan updates

Generally speaking, there are two major errors that Florida residents make with regard to their estate plans. The first is not to have a will or another planning instrument that is key to the settling of the estate. The second is to fail to update a plan once it's been developed. There is no set timeline upon which a person should update his or her plan, but there are certain life events that call for updates, and if it's been a while, it might be worth revisiting.

Drafting proper wills

Florida residents should make sure that the estate plan they have in place is properly prepared. This entails including a will that is properly drafted with all of the information needed to satisfy any questions or concerns family members may have.

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